Doors & Windows


Single and Double Dutch Doors can be used for front entrances or a stall entrance to a paddock. Double Dutch Doors can be used to keep animals in or out of the barn, as well as let light and air into the barn.

Dutch Windows & Doors are designed with flexibility in mind. Doors and windows can be closed in times of incliment weather, or they can remain open during milder weather to allow light and fresh air to circulate throughout the facility. These products are designed to endure tough Canadian climates by withstanding the flexing and shifting of barn structures that comes with extreme temperature changes.

The entire Dutch Door, including the frame, is galvanized for longevity. All powder coated doors and jams are pre-galvanized and then powder coated.

The Right Materials for the Right System

Every Time


    • Hot-dipped galvanized or coloured powder-coated finish
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Fully customizable
    • Round track included
    • Phenominally strong and durable
    • Manufactured in Rockwood, ON
    • Someone is always available for assistance